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The author created the background world and fundamentals of the novel titled The Crown of Dominion with extremely high level of care and circumspection. The process of developments required intensive focus and attention, and lasted for a long time. It is not a coincidence that The complete tale's book implies an immense number of new elements.

Starting from the foundations of the world of Erabon, Robert Locksmith did put down many milestones, while he could make relatively complete the vision that was projected previously. Of course, elaborating details almost never can be finished, since by introducing a new site totally new elements may appear, or depicting a new historical era may sometimes rewrite the otherwise elaborated details, moreover occasionally, in certain sense, even the laid down foundations as well.

Still, we can state without hesitation that the background elements related to the book's story are perfectly elaborated. They are in harmonic concordance with each other, with the tale's guideline and with the meticulous details as well.

When we are talking about the topic of the epic novel's background, we have to take notice of presenting the book's elements too. So under the following points we introduce:

Thorough reading and studying of these topics may give deeper insight to the background of the epic novel.


When we talk about the characters of the book, we may distinguish important and less important characters. Although they are diverse by their appearance, ancestry, life story, nature, personal traits and features too, we group them here according to their role in the story. Accordingly, we divided the characters into four categories:

On the website we deal with the first three groups in detail.

The protagonists

The protagonists of the story are five determined souls:

Antor Misoth
"A 24 years old, thin thief fighter of medium height from the Amuran Kingdom. As a child he was a pupil of Feloma town's orphanage, as an adolescent he was an acrobat of a traveling circus, and as an adult he became one of the agents of Abanassaria's local Thieves Guild. Due to his chequered career he obtained quite a lot skills, which he can apply in later difficult situations." More...
Kyranda hon Lothomar
"An exceptionally pretty and intelligent, 24 years old wizardess graduate of the University of Donaro. As a child, just like Antor, she was the pupil of the Feloman orphanage, as a teenage girl she was temporarily a member of a traveling circus, where her uncle, Theomor hon Lothomar finally found her. Shortly Theomor took her under his wings, and got her into the academy of magicians." More...
Morghan Toros
"A late bloomer, 17 years old apprentice without parents. The youngster got to the proximity of the Abanassarian Thieves Guild with the intention of learning the trade of thievery, where he got acquainted with Antor, who gave him patronage. During his first serious theft attempt Morghan got caught and was taken into the casemate of Feloma's dungeon, between the notorious captain Gonorol's hands." More...
Monteris Goldoran
"A 25 years old hunter-of-fortune, bard, poet and dreamer of Ernelakan origin, but Amuran birth. The vagabond songster recognized by his original name as Eldhar Kazymui is known for his eloquence; speaks more languages (although not so well as a true polyglot); proficient in etiquette requested by aristocratical circles; sings excellently, and does value finesse." More...
and Elvana Joué
" A 22 years old, blonde-haired, vehement, but at the same time reversed archeress amazon from the Ernelakan Monarchy. In her youth she was roving around on the territory of her homeland and Botar, generally alone. Several times she got into tight squeeze, and these incidents hardened her like steel." More...

The protagonists are seemingly ordinary people, and apparently the sheer chance brings them together from various locations of the Old World in order to let them have to accomplish a collective commission afterwards. Although their expertise, occupation and life philosophy too occasionally differs they still have similar characteristics. In the course of the lasting assignment pursued in order to achieve the mututal goal the companions get united as comrades, and the relations between them intensively deepen.

"On the one hand partly as the direct consequence of their own decisions, on the other hand seemingly by mere coincidence do the protagonists meet, form a team and are drifting in the same direction, toward a common goal. At the beginning they do not trust even each other sometimes, although the initial distrust gradually gets resolved by time and mutual trials, in which the companions in distress have to stand by each other often as comrades for further progress or for mere survival. Periodically they are obliged to forge a plan, but its implementation does not always entail success, so on several occasions they are forced to modify their idea or alter their route. All the while the esprit de corps (team spirit) gets stronger between them."
"Every now and then the five protagonists are helped, hampered or simply ignored by powerful persons or entities, fellow travelers or other characters."

– Robert Locksmith's writer blog

Although in certain degree the members of the party have different personality and characteristics, furthermore there is a thief, a wizardess, a soldier-of-fortune and also a warrior among them, they are still able to find a common ground from time to time. During the journey all of them obtain impressions and experience, and thereby they change in every sense: they become increasingly better at their own trade, and at the same time quite often soberer and more deliberate in their thinking or reasoning.

"This adventure changed each and all of the protagonists. Morghan grew up, some people from among the others overcame their fears or experienced the enormous power of faith. Last but not least, however, all of them learned to bear responsibility of themselves, their acts and each other. This compulsory assignment provided many benefits for them: among other things it forged them into a team of which members would risk even their life for each other. This means a real and tight bond.

By growing to an adult I do not merely mean that a person became a major (reached the full legal age); but also that the individual feels the possible consequences and impacts of his acts on those people who are important to him. From this aspect of view more members of the company had to grow up. Only after that they could establish relationships of deeper value, and only thenceforth they became capable of always bearing a hand to the party members with occasional weaker performace. Change is one of the capital mainsprings of the book and the protagonists. It played a big role in the lives of each and all of them, as in our life it is worthy to take note of everything that may drive our fate into a positive direction."

– Eszter Nagy's editorial interpretation

In his blog the author wrote a short, but detailed entry about the protagonists, which we occasionally quoted and translated in the case of the above descriptions. You can read the mentioned (Hungarian) entry by clicking on the button below, or here.

Fellow travellers

Considerable characters are the protagonists' casual fellow travellers:

Batharron Vethoris
The member of the Imperial Black Knight Order, as well as an Executor. One of the mysterious characters of the book. His motivation is unknown, and his behavioural scheme does not become obvious for quite a while. The psychological apex of the story is connected just to him. He has an outstanding skill at wielding a sword. He is also called the White Black Knight.
Vanesta Ramione
A distinguished martial artist of Imperial birth, furthermore the user of the mystic internal force. The member of the Katinu Order consisting of martial artists, fighters and knights. Through her the readers recognize the order's hierarchy, structure, traditions, martial style, as well as its exotic armaments. Vanesta is a true companion with definite personality and cohesive thinking. Beside all this she is an employee of the Transimperia passenger transport company.
and Koden Arihl
As a Kybusite paladin of Ernelakan origin he is a follower of Kybus, the God of Wisdom. An excellent warrior, a true and suitable leader, furthermore an individual with sober mind and great knowledge, who by applying his wisdom often shows his companions the path in the dimness.

The fellow travellers accompany the team for a time, and mostly they help on its way the party that is actually fleeing or is entrusted with the mission. Usually, at least apparently, they accidentally get in the proximity of the five protagonists, and join them due to various reasons.

At the beginning in most cases the team members do know almost nothing about the fellow travellers, and this fact causes not only uncertainty, but may be even the source of tension generating anxious feelings. In the majority of the cases, however, the detailed cognition of the newcomers' view, motivation and personality resolves this initial state.

At the time of their appearance these fellow travellers are generally more experienced than the main characters, thus – if preferred so – they can fulfil the role of some kind of mentor or patron. But this cannot last forever, since the intermittent challenges, the complications during the journey, and moreover even the life itself brings experience, while experience results development; therefore the once yet fostered team members grow up with time to be equal to their actual role.

Last but not least it is important to notice that although (as we mentioned) the fellow travellers do not accompany all the way the team of the protagonists, they convey a deep impression, and the members of the group receive some kind of intellectual or spiritual heritage from each of them.

Emphasized characters

The powerful influential characters are very important as well:

Emperor Tyros II.
The Empire's ruler of chaotic character, aiming for world hegemony, also known as the "imperator". A powerful person with individual insights (or unique visions), which encourage the reorganization of the realm, furthermore set out the search for the Crown of Dominion; however his erratic nature is unpredictable, sometimes nearly touching schizophrenic behaviorial pattern. Since he is one of the influential persons who are pulling the strings from behind the scenes, he plays a crucial role in the story.
Prime mage Acamantor
The Imperial prime mage called Stormbringer, who is often deserving the nickname he earned: frequently a physical or emotional storm crowns his arrival or leaving. His person, in fact, is a mystery: neither the accurate place, nor time of his birth is known, moreover occasionally even his appearance is different (thus the exact color of his eyes is not known either). He possesses great knowledge and even greater desire for knowledge. Due to his mystical background not accidentally he himself is also a key figure. Supposedly his original name is Darten Alderis.
Overlord Tharnom
The most powerful of the eight Imperial warlords, the lead warlord. Not much is known about his identity. As the reign's greatest warrior and commander, as well as the symbol of invincibility, most frequently he resides beside the emperor, in the Imperial capital, Quincenza, inside the Imperial Palace located on the Arx Dominationis square; and he often pursues a dialogue with the ruler.
Queen Arienna III.
The queen of the Ernelakan Monarchy. A good-looking (attractive), just and noble-minded individual. Sometime she sat onto her country's throne with great ambitions and bold dreams, in the time of the story however – in spite of her young age – she is often careworn.
and Grand mage and senator Aviz
A person regarded as the greatest wizard of the Oruman Republic and even of the entire era. An acknowledged member of his country's senate.

The influential side characters try to control or govern the events from the background, often with not a small result. From among them there are individuals who help the protagonists on their way, but there are also such ones, who hinder the party, and from time to time weave webs of intrigue, ruining some of the plans. In certain cases, due to the peculiar behavior of some powerful persons, it is not always an easy task to decide to which group do they actually belong to.

The intention and motivation of some background characters is not entirely clear until a certain part of the story, and apparently their decisions also reflect this; alternatively an individual changes his viewpoint in a sudden moment, sometimes in favor of the adventurers, but occasionally against them. This behavioral pattern characteristic to a demented mind is particularly the feature of those ones, who got too close to the burning fire of power.

Most of the influential key characters are shrouded by some kind of mystery. Not overly much is known about any of them, but according to the semblance all of them are exceptionally skilled in some thing, or they possess an incredibly strong background support.

Let them be any kind of entities, they may be adepts in fight – we may talk here about a physical combat, but even of a diplomatic spar –, may be high degree experts of magic, occasionally even of the so-called ancient magic too; they may know the usage of mysterious internal force, or simply defy some of the physical (natural) laws.

Beside all this, the thread of the story is woven so far and affects such depths that after a certain point it may be already hard to establish, even from among the background characters, that actually who is the master, who is the servant and who is the puppet.

Beside the characters listed above a significant role does have the Katinu commander named Sky Dragon wearing a golden forehead band, as well as the Sakrem leader and grandmaster named Ōmi, but they only slightly affect the course of events. Although the king of Amura, Oreon Gornachwerb is also counted influential, he is rather mentioned only, just like Odan, a legendary hero and reformer of a new age in the future, who as a little child does not even seem promising here.

An outstandingly important character is the main antagonist, that is the team's archenemy, who remains anonym all the time in the story, regardless of the fact that most persons in the novel received an actual name. Several other individuals with evil alignment likewise appear anonymously; this is the result of the author's conscious decision.

The characters of the story

In the window below, in alphabetical order, the story's all characters mentioned by name become visible.

The Crown of Dominion's mentioned characters:

I. Oreon Gornachwerb, king
II. Daidüros, emperor
II. Tyros, emperor or imperator
III. Arienna, queen
Acamantor (Stormbringer, Darten Alderis), prime mage
Adrianna, slave girl
Alia Lanera
Andyn Lonth, captain
Anicosa, grand mage
Ankhulphus, king
Antor Misoth
Antras Corrone, waiter
Astran Devanus, subcommander
Arimistenes, master smith
Arw'hen, matron
Ausghort Bispus, praetor
Ausghort Ipsotus, tribune of the people
Avalanche, archmage
Baseille Ipsotus, statesman
Batharron Vethoris, black knight (Executor)
Bertron, servant
Bhurr Mithargas, jailer
Bhorr der Valigus, commander
Biarg Dolsbarn, captain
Bluhnmar Tenebricus, historian
Chronstan, royal archmage
Commervil Bauton, minister
Corbin Joué
Corian, gaffer
Corrone, major
Daffines, governor
Delgas, dark magician
Dipetrimos, commander
Dorna, lady
Dulin, merchant
Gavor Dündoire, alderman
Elvana Joué
Erkylsön, lt. colonel
Esmana, slave girl
Esmegor Failatyé, merchant and councilor
Feliana Corrone
Frandar Alon, lesser noble
Gadriéuix de Labounté, champion archer and colonel
Gatekeeper, warlord
Gavril Mattis Bushon, prime governor
Ghantar Rheim, pinnace captain
Gibbeth, archmage
Gonorol, captain
Gorghion, the Bonecruncher, gladiator
Kharr, warlord
Khernal Glead, soldier
Khyra Ambrése, young archer girl
Harbor Fever, informant
Koden Arihl
Koylaü, intelligence agent
Köeppel, major
Kyranda hon Lothomar
Laruso, major
Leōni Rimbauk, slaver-trader
Lombard Estrechan, lt. governor
Mardon, attorney
Monteris Goldoran (Eldhar Kazymui)
Morcar, necromancer
Morghan Toros
Namir Ordonez, corporal
Nerbigal, slave
Nestron, captain
Niehl Bohrs, admiral
Nimar, private
Omar, katinu warrior
Ōmi, sakrem leader and grandmaster
Paravan, archmage
Peon, jailer
Phybius, lead archmage
Piccour, admiral
Pryga, warlord
Quin, judge
Ramhōine, katinu fighter and advocate
Ragsten, black knight commander
Sagreth Gheron, main governor
Sokhol, the Scorpiongobbler, gladiator
Sky Dragon, katinu leader
Sorana hon Lothomar, countess
"Szépvadóc" not translated, a horse
Taüten, governor
Tellegrin Baetus, major general
Tharg, order founder
Tharnom, overlord
Theomor hon Lothomar
Thoran Kazymui
Thorgon, captain
Urgalon, the Shapeshifter
Vanesta Ramione
Vordon Lameloth, garel fighter
Vrodliona Esbarot, lance-corporal
Walderlee Iscon, archmage
Zegari, warlord candidate
Zekiál, smuggler

For the readers knowing partly (or wholly) the novel, numerous names may sound already familiar; but in The complete tale additional characters were given a concrete name, too.

From the old websiteold website (which can be seen on screens of higher resolution), in its Characters menu point, it is possible to learn somewhat similar, but extra details.

Background world

The world of Erabon is located in one of a distant galaxy's solar systems named star system Khatar. The landmass that becomes known to the readers is the world's continent mentioned as the Old World, and its population consists of various races and nations. They live in seven countries.

The seven states of
the Old World:

  • Amuran Kingdom,
  • Botaran Principality,
  • Ernelakan Monarchy,
  • Oruman Republic,
  • Tandesan Kingdom,
  • Zorniakan Kingdom
  • and the (Great) Empire.

The most known
(humanoid) races:

  • human,
  • elf,
  • dwarf,
  • gnome,
  • half-elf,
  • ork,
  • half-ork,
  • giant,
  • semi-giant
  • and kobold *.

The nations of
the continent:

  • Amuran,
  • Ernelakan,
  • Imperial (Tharon),
  • oruman,
  • Tandesan,
  • zorniakan
  • and other nations.

The concept of supernatural powers is known among the inhabitants of Erabon, thus multitude of belief systems and religions emerged, and there is a great number of such individuals, who are engaged in spellcraft or magical practices.

Mentioned religions:

  • Bankia,
  • Darisite,
  • Derendist,
  • Imperial Cult
    (Cultus Imperatorius),
  • Kaletan,
  • Kybusite,
  • Orthonist,
  • Paritan,
  • Principian,
  • Pryma,
  • Rodezian,
  • Terendes,
  • Vakian,
  • Zavizan,
  • prohibited doctrines
  • and other doctrines.

Comparing with our world the era of the happenings, debatably though, but we may put it approximately between the late Medieval Period and the Renaissance era: when we already discovered the New World, and we knew the secret of gunpowder, but did not use it yet widely (merely in the case of crude cannon and muskets), the alchemy and the medicine were developing beside each other, and the arts received a living space likewise.

In most cases the ruler is the head of the country, and his power is secured by the hierarchical system's existence, the military forces (diverse armies, corps, weapons and the navy) and various organizations (mage guild, intelligence service, bodyguard units, secular warrior and knight orders, as well as religious orders, and occasionally even underworld clans and secret societies too).

Secular orders:

  • Amuran Royal Knight Order,
  • Bardic Knight Order,
  • Blood Knight Order,
  • Botaran Dualsaberer* Order,
  • Death Knight Order,
  • Garel Order,
  • Golden Cuirassier Order,
  • Imperial Black Knight Order,
  • Imperial Knight Order,
  • Imperial Dualsaberer* Order,
  • Katinu Order,
  • Mosara Order,
  • Order of Secretkeepers,
  • Order of the Raven,
  • Oruman Knight Order,
  • Rose Knight Order,
  • Sakrem Order,
  • Silver Knight Order,
  • Zamori Order
  • and other orders.

In Erabon the development of sciences is not hindered by any church, but periodically it is mentioned that sometime in the past some people already knew and possessed the knowledge of the present time, and one or more advanced civilizations existed earlier. Beside all this, unlike in our world, magic put on a highly spectacular form here; however there is a mystical force that is surpassing even magic.

One year breaks down into sixteen months, and each month has a name related to the season or the seasonal works.

Wheel of seasons
The months of the year on the wheel of seasons

Wheel of seasons
The wheel of seasons

One month in Erabon consists of 24 days in average, and it is divided into weeks, except for the Empire, where a time period and unit made up of eight days, the so-called octette, in other name eight-dayer or third (of a month) is used.

The various feasts held during a given year may be connected to an actual date, or to a certain period or season; they may concern the whole continent or a country, but may have local character too.

Between the diverse languages there is a common, mutual language, the ekoir, which is more or less spoken everywhere without the heavily isolated Empire.

Spoken and

  • Ekoir (mutual language),
  • Amuran,
  • Ernelakan,
  • Imperial,
  • Oruman,
  • Tandesan,
  • Zorniakan,
  • elven,
  • archaic languages
    (old and ancient languages)
  • and other.

The multifariousness of the armaments is not ordinary either. Beside the innumerable common weapon and mail types the chivalric armor and equipment, the gladiator fight's accessories, the assassin's instruments and the martial artists' exotic arsenal all appear on the book's pages.

The traffic is manifold (diverse), and in certain areas could even be considered advanced: Beside the customary overland travelling forms (walking, horseriding, moving by coach or in a rig etc.) riverine ship traffic and seafaring exists, moreover in the Empire the Transimperia Company is performing organized passenger transport.

Transimperia Co. coat of arms
The coat of arms of the
Transimperia Company
Eszter Nagy's drawing

According to hearsays and obscure legends, certain forms of air traffic also exist, but it is a fact that the most effective travelling manner above all is the usage of any method of dimensional magic (that is affecting space).

Beside all this, diversity of various cultures, grandiose architectural establishments and renowned wonders of the world, unique ceremonies and heraldic symbols, colorful dressing and gastronomical traditions, magnificent luxurious articles, bestiary, unequalled ore, metals and alloys, scads of treasures, scientists, magicians and spells, dreamers and adventurers, as well as mysteries of eras submerged into oblivion characterize this background world.

Below we present a little teaser.

Architectural sights
and wonders of the world:

  • Antaran Lighthouse,
  • Triumphal Arch of Dipetrimos,
  • Bebetian Vineyards,
  • Cemetery of the Emperors,
  • Grand Colosseum,
  • Imperial Great Wall,
  • Pyramids,
  • Quincenzan Dragonhead,
  • Statue Garden,
  • Sculpture of the Katinu Forefather,
  • Tunezan Cupola,
  • Urestkan Planetarium,
  • World Cathedral.


  • Aria sauce,
  • Countan cheese dish,
  • Erieran potato crisps,
  • Govenan smoked ham,
  • Odarean fig dish,
  • Onian goulash with onion,
  • Ogrian "snake" pasta,
  • Rimoro cheese,
  • Salmario topping,
  • Siuerra,
  • Wandan mushroom sauce
  • and at least two times more...


  • Agracian grape nectar,
  • Amuran Punch,
  • Arch Royal noble wine,
  • Bitters of Bane,
  • Botaran Hell,
  • Charan Nightsky,
  • Emperorsgold beer,
  • Star Crag raspberry wine,
  • Davosan riesling,
  • cinnamon-flavored spicy wine,
  • Feloman Sangria,
  • Fetaman Throat Scraper
  • Ginger Hip,
  • Helisolaris beer,
  • Imperator sparkling wine (champagne);,
  • Minosan Honeydrink,
  • Tandesan Ascension,
  • coffee, tea and cocoa,
  • as well as many others.

Ore, metals
and alloys:

  • adamantium,
  • Amuran steel,
  • argentan,
  • arimistenum,
  • arimistetroruby,
  • dursilver,
  • ebonium,
  • ebony metal,
  • electrum,
  • hemorubinate,
  • katinum,
  • mithril,
  • platinum,
  • palladium,
  • darksteel,
  • titanargentum,
  • gold with its alloys
  • and others.

Semiprecious stones
and gems:

  • agate,
  • aquamarine,
  • amethyst,
  • bixbit (red beryl),
  • diamond,
  • emerald,
  • garnet,
  • jade,
  • lapis lazuli,
  • malachite,
  • moonstone,
  • opal,
  • ruby,
  • sapphíre
  • Stone of the Wise,
  • sunstone,
  • topaz,
  • zircon,
  • and others.


  • ancestor magic,
  • barrier,
  • dimension gate
  • flux,
  • general detection,
  • implantation,
  • infravision,
  • interdiction,
  • mana,
  • magic crystal,
  • magic scroll,
  • mental dam,
  • para element,
  • penetration,
  • pentaculum,
  • pentagram,
  • spell of extended range,
  • stasis,
  • storage *,
  • subdimension,
  • and other.


  • alteratio,
  • artificiery
  • astral magic,
  • combinatorics,
  • core magic,
  • demonology,
  • dimensionalism,
  • elementalism,
  • illusionism,
  • magic research,
  • magic theory,
  • mentalism,
  • nature magic,
  • necromancy,
  • rune magic,
  • transformation,
  • transmutation,
  • and other sections or branches.

Mentioned artifacts
and relics:

  • Accoleiner,
  • Belrador,
  • Betelgeuse Phoenicis,
  • Grail of the Alchemists,
  • Ioustotarmis (Fair Retribution),
  • Kuchan'bal
  • and of course
    the Crown of Dominion.

The background world is separately discussed in the book's AppendixAppendix. On the old webpageold webpage (which – as we mentioned – can be seen on a screen with higher resolution) the Background world menu point implies an interesting and valuable Small Encyclopedia. The author wrote about the locations in his blog he started in July 2015. About several sites also presentations were made, which can be found on the novel's YouTube channel.


The author drew totally seven various maps for the book, thus the following ones appear:

a map of Erabon's Old World (1 map)
A whole continent of the world, the landmass known as the Old World.
map of the Old World
The map of the Old World

The map of the Old World does have a less precisely created, but an interactive and substantial portion on the old websiteold website, in the Map menu point.

maps of countries or countrysides (3 maps)
A map about the countryside of North Amura (where the first part of the plot is happening), as well as two full maps of Ernelak.
map of North Amura
Scroll of North Amura

map of Ernelak
The political and economic map of the Ernelakan Monarchy

statistics of Ernelak
Statistical presentation of Ernelak's counties from an isometric point of view

maps of cities or urban areas (3 maps)
Maps displaying the layout (ground-plan) of three cities, and showing different sites as well.
map of Amber town
Map of Amber, the Town of Sins in a metallic frame

map of Bebetia polis
Map of Bebetia, the Imperial polis already known by the readers of the first volume, in a wooden old-style frame

map of Char city
Map of Char city in an ornate frame


During their journey the protaginists have to travel over a rather long distance. First of all, four of them leaves the Amuran Kingdom moving to the Empire, and thereafter, accompanying the fifth member, they have to go through the Ernelakan Monarchy in order to get to the land of the Pyramids located somewhere in the Desert of Oblivion.

The small animation below is demonstrating the most important (actual or planned) stations of the route of the journey.

Route stations
The story's main potential stations

As a summary; partly or collectively, deliberately or unintentionally the party does or plans to cross through the following places (occasionally in the parenthesis the name of the province, county or region is indicated that is related to the settlement and is also mentioned in the book):

Of course, the story is happening not merely in these places, moreover the animation above does not show for example the Imperial settlements of Antare, Tierce, Mernance and Dardaris, where the party members do not sojourn collectively, or where does not happen any kind of notable and substantive event worthy to mention.

The influential background figures are generally abiding on other sites, and from there they attempt to affect the happenings or shape the future; therefore both Quincenza the Imperial seat and Kusarom the Ernelakan capital (city) did not get role in this presentation. Likewise, a considerable turn takes place in the town of Olb Vigore, but since the main characters do not stay there it does not appear in the animation either.

There is a small animated presentation (of the path) of this adventure in the Journey menu point of the old web pageold web page.


The AppendixAppendix imcludes also 21 pieces of illustrations related to various topics. From among the pictures 20 drawings are the results of Eszter Nagy's work, which ones she designed according to the author's imagination (ideas) and instructions. The circle that is depicting seasons and months (known as the Wheel of seasons), appearing within the topic of Chronology, was created by the author himself.

Appendix – galleon
A detail from the Appendix – Seamanship and Navy: Ship types
Appendix – wheel of seasons
A detail from the Appendix – Chronology

Eszter made the following statement about this phase of the creative working process:

It is a particular story as I began drawing in the appendix of the book.

I would have liked to convey an additional value to the book and the readers, doing this not only through text editing, but with enclosing graphic illustrations that would be drawn by me. I told this to Robi, although I did not know how he would respond after he previously created the majority of the pictures. He gave his approval, since he regarded the idea great, and he liked many of my former graphical artworks. Later he added that there is more spirit in my drawings than in his computer-aided illustrations.

I will show a few of my drawings from among the twenty pieces included in the appendix. Some from among them became realistic like a photo, like for example the diamonds or the galleon ship below. More people got surprised seeing that it is possible to create such a thing even with a pencil.
A galleon ship
Bardic knight
Bardic Knight
The newspaper titled Imperial Journal

Providing some background information I would even cast up some light on the drawings displayed above, in spite of the fact that they could tell wordlessly tales on their own. These illustrations of mine – just as my other illustrations appearing in the appendix – had not been drawn in a direct sequence, one after the other; between producing two different drawings sometimes several weeks or an even longer period passed. All of the graphics are my hand-drawn crafts (handicrafts). After their scanning they went through a short post productive rework in order to let them appear in a similar quality as they got materialized on the drawing paper.

On the next page, namely in the menu point titled Edition you may grasp some data and ascertain our notion regarding this new edition of the novel, read the news connected to the book, learn about the author and the participants or contributors of the project, check various related links and the reaction of the media.

Robert Locksmith