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Opinions of the Readers

The rows below were posted on one of the internet portals or community sites, or were sent for us as a personal message, in e-mail by the book's readers. The texts have been recently translated by us,

Alumni, Moly.hu, Hungary (17th May 2015.):
"Why this does not have a sequel?? A very good novel! Magnificently created world, characters and story."
Emília Bertáné Horváth, Facebook, Hungary (1st August 2014.):
"I would like to know more about the author; he wrote down every single scene so insightfully, as if I would be present within. Who is he? I was reading the first volume by now, but I will get for sure the other two ones too, I hope he will cause such experiences also in the future. So who is he?"
Tamás Szabó, Hungary (30th April 2009.):
"...I found the first part exceptionally interesting, and sure – particularly as it finished –, I would like very much to read the tale's continuation."
Jelena Barbulović, Vancouver, Canada (7th September 2007.):
"Well, personally I enjoyed very much the comparisons I made up regarding the traits of your characters and the events. Kyranda resembles a lot of the things seen in Harry Potter. The helpmate of the ruler of the Empire is speaking metaphors, which are similar to the [wise words] in Bible's letter to the Corinthians written by apostle Paul 12-12, when. he relates that the hands, the legs and the head belong to, and are parts of the body. Vanesta martial artist woman is resembling TO ME very much to the heroine seen in The Matrix. The events in the harbor remind me of the Pirates of the Carribean; as the arena events do the battles from the Gladiator movie. Changing coaches during the journey reminded me of the movie and the book named The three muskeeter. I ask you once again, do not take the aforementioned things as a criticism, this was my private amusement while reading the book. Probably many of your readers did not read or see the listed titles, and would not even think of making such comparison. I underline once more, I wrote you these notes because I enjoyed very much reading all that is written in your book, the entire story is melded very nicely."
Tibor Korsós, Kalocsa, Hungary (16th July 2007.):
"...I read through the book already at the beginning of the last week. I was possibly a little bit yet under the book's influence. :) I found the book very interesting, and as I loved it at the beginning, I was not disappointed neither later. There was always something exciting, something interesting within. According to my mood it happened that I was reading during forenoon so much already than other times all day long. I liked the things within, as they were drawn up. Eg.: the description of different kingdoms, the biography of heroes, the Transimperia. :) On the other hand, I was very sorry when I got to its end... By the way, I have to tell that the book is a great stuff! :) On one of your web sites, where you wrote about the book, I read (although maybe I do not already remember correctly) that you were also studying some philosophy and psychology. You made investigations even on those fields! Well, quite a lot of theories (order: either monk, magician or chivalric order) were present. :) The topic I liked, I do not quote it literally, but somehow when the [characters] are thinking about the possibility that maybe there is really a supernatural being, a God, and that usually there should be present its counterpart, the devil, Lucifer, but actually it does not exist only in people['s belief]. I succeeded to describe this in the end. :) Well, this quite made me thinking, but many similar things were present in the book."
dr. Dániel Gákovity, Budapest, Hungary (8th June 2007.):
"I am near the end of the book, and am very much satisfied. The most loved pastime of the past weeks was when I might get into the world of the book, being anxious for the life of the protagonists. I like the characters, and the story is very exciting, too. It makes itself read. I never get bored with it, though this could happen easily with such a big book. All of my acknowledgements are yours! An incredible work was put within."

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