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Although the first volume of The Crown of Dominion has been already published (in Hungary), when we talk about an edition we try to focus not on the old edition. The artwork as a whole went through a reedition of dramatic measure, thus the published material does not contain those elements, which make the book a lot more picturesque than its earlier version. Since the story is forming a uniform whole, not a series of episodes, the author's original idea always was that the book should appear as one single volume. Still, due to the extent of the manuscript such a decision was made that the story would be split to three parts. It was often mentioned thereafter as a trilogy, regardless of the fact that the author incessantly tried to emphasize that there is only one single piece of artwork.

This time we did attempt to grasp the original concept. We were considering to publish the story in one volume, which – due to obvious reasons and in order to avoid potential misunderstandings – was given a subtitle The complete tale, by the author. In the past more people asked that when would the next volume appear, so the chosen subtitle exposes unambiguously that the reader would receive the whole story this time. The fact of having the whole new book is also important due to the changes made in the manuscript: the text now includes such new elements, which were not present in the old volume, however the rest of the story already consists of cross-references alluding to them.

In 2018 this Hungarian book titled "A holdsarló fénye – A teljes történet" was published in electronic form.

It is important to mention that we realized the idea physically too, as we printed in a printing press a sample of the book, which could be called also as a prototype. The author formed the manuscript using the Japanese standard B5 (JIS) size (182mm x 257mm) – so it is a bit bigger than the international standard B5 (ISO) size –, and after setting the margins and the entire technical edition we got a book of 950 pages. Printing one single copy (with digital printing) cost approximately 85 euros, and just because of that it would be necessary to issue a larger number of copies of the book (with offset printing, where the cost may drop even below 10%!), for in this manner it would be reachable to people for a much more affordable price.

We may publish the printing press version of the manuscript as well, or find such a publisher, which would grasp the depth and the future franchise potentials of this huge artwork and concept (including also other options than publishing). Since Robert has already completed technical preparations for the press once, probably the final version would contain merely small modifications (e.g.: inserting the ISBN code), furthermore the printing press (company) would need approximately 30-45 days for completing the books, so after the decision would be brought about issuing the printed version (Hungarian) readers could hold the artwork in their hands after one and a half or two months, according to our estimation.


In this section we do post our latest news related to the book.

Our latest news...

Robert Locksmith, 25th July 2018., Wednesday
The Hungarian version of The Crown of Dominion - The complete tale's e-book has been issued (in Hungarian: A holdsarló fénye - A teljes történet; ISBN: 978-615-00-2605-3). It is already available in several web stores, including iBookstore. Barnes & Noble, CNP Reading, Gardners and Odilo.
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The Hungarian book's electronic version was issued on 25th July 2018. The new edition has the title A holdsarló fénye (literally: The Light of the Crescent Moon; planned English title: The Crown of Dominion) and the subtitle A teljes történet (The complete tale). It emerges as a worthy successor of the former volume, and the (Hungarian) readers may recognize the complete story, and may taste a really fine piece of the world of Erabon. (ISBN: 978-615-00-2605-3)

As for the printed version, we did not look for a publisher this time.

The publisher of the first volume subtitled In the Shadow of the Empire was the Nézőpontok Kiadó és Kereskedelmi Kft. (Viewpoints Publishing and Commercial Ltd.) from Eger. The company ceased to exist in 2012.


The e-book is attainable at most major web stores of the world.

You can learn more about the distributors on this web site's Hungarian page (or by simply contacting us).

The e-book's distributors
Distributors of the Hungarian e-book

The Author

Photo about the author

Robert Locksmith, the writer of the book titled The Crown of Dominion was born in Subotica (former Yugoslavia). He is a graduated economist, but acquired intensive knowledge also in some areas of information technology. He speaks fluently in four languages, and immersed into more interesting topics or scientifical theories for awhile. At his hometown he was doing activities as a marketing employee for a short time, then intermittently worked as systems administrator, presentation creator or web designer at companies or as a freelancer. Often he did not have an official job. Temporarily he lived abroad too, so in 2012 as a journalist he contributed to the creation of the French documentary titled In the footsteps of Albert Londres (Sur Les Pas d'Albert Londres) made for the TF1 French television channel, furthermore sometime between 2016 and 2017 he was working for Convergys Corporation and Microsoft.

He started writing pretty much early – at the age of five years he knew already the Latin alphabet. In the elementary school his report titled The locomotive driver (of which the late dr. Imre Bori wrote a praising critique) and also his poem inspired by János Arany appeared in the local newspapers. Despite all these, it is a fact that he began professional writing only much later; during the period of his collegiate studies he undertook an intense creative activity, when he wrote his extensive epic novel, The Crown of Dominion. The entire work has recently gone through a monumental reedition. Beside this book Robert made several creations of lesser significance, not intended for publishing; furthermore he wrote also a screenplay in English language. In case of his book's success he intends to enrich with other works our common cultural treasury.

The Team

The team members are colleagues and developers who were working with the author or contributed to the fruition of the project.

Photo about the co-editor

Eszter Nagy, the co-editor of the book titled The Crown of Dominion and the graphic artist of its Appendix was born in Zalaegerszeg (Hungary). She always loved reading very much. From the beginning of the elementary school, whenever she could, she regularly visited the local library. She has distinguished spelling. Today she already knows that reading is not equal to editing, for the one who is focused on reading "only" cannot pay attention to the order and structure of the text. Editorial work requires some other kind of attention.

She always loved drawing. Initially she was occupied with fashion design, but nowadays she became interested also in artistic solutions, after receiving a wider insight into perspective drawing. In her mind the prospects of such an activity took wings regarding the book's future. Her other exceptionally beloved occupation is taking photos. A few of her photos were already presented on exhibitions, moreover recently she won the prestigious 3rd prize on the XVI. Interetno International Photo Contest (category: free choice). She is most fond of nature photography. It is possible to learn more about Eszter's photography in her blog titled Fairyhungary. She warmly welcomes every visitor.

According to her statement, by the impact of The Crown of Dominion such subjects have been formulated within her mind that she had never before. She was frequently drawing illustrations related to the story or the world, therefore more of her artworks have already got into the book's Appendix. She loved seeing how the book's text and appearance was forming and changing by her contribution.


Media was not dealing a lot with the first volume of the Crown of Dominion. Since except for the book festival the publisher and the author did not attend mutually any event suitable for advertising, furthermore not a single book presentation was held either, merely the employees of a weekly newspaper and a television channel got knowledge about the book's appearance, and following that they had conversations with the author. Later a few internet sites also wrote about the artwork.

Hereinafter we present an article of the newspaper in hand, articles of the above mentioned web sites and a television report (interview).

Also here we intend to present the media's potential additional materials concerning The complete tale's appearance.


Hét Nap cikk

An article appeared about the book in the weekly newspaper Hét Nap (literally: Seven Days). Journalist Zsuzsa Farkas, the article's author reports on more details after the conversation she had with the author:

"The world of the novel is huge. This is evident also from the size of appendix, which is nothing else, but the collection and explanation of the words related to the novel's world. Robert accurately and richly elaborated the features of this imaginary world or 'continent', the defining elements of its civilizations, and the functional mechanism, form of government, laws, geographical properties, history, philosophic systems, economic life and cultures of the states. Moreover, he even created an enclosed map to the book about the imaginary cities, mountains, rivers and lakes. A world, which is similar to ours, with people, wizards and other things, and with accessories taken from existing cultures. Beside that other races do live here too, for example the so-called elves, dwarves and giants, who are not in every case part of civilization; moreover the dragons and monsters of other kind are dwelling beyond the confines of the known world."
In a few rows she touched upon Robert's worldview too:
"We create our own reality by our thoughts, states the author, and we can accomplish everything that we believe and persist in. This and the importance of love is the basic message of the three parts. Here, contrary to most stories, the good reaps its reward, the evil though – let us say so – receives another chance in order to change."
You can read the book's full article (in Hungarian) appeared in the weekly journal Hét Nap in the newspaper's archíve or by clicking onto the scanned article's picture above on the right side.

Internet magazines

On the web site an interesting writing titled A new world was born appeared about the artwork, and it gives much circumstantial information about the book. Beside the analysis of the plot, the background world and the characters it deals even with some tiny details. We quote several (translated) rows of the article:

"Well, what does this Crown cover?

A whole, huge world. A continent, which is surrounded by seas; a landmass inhabited by humans, where beside the dominant races elves, dwarves, giants and cobolds also appear! Their history dates back to a long time, about which it is possible to read in the chronicles and tales only. The passing of time brought development inevitably though, and now cultures bloom far and wide. Beside philosophy and literacy religions and ideas laid foundations, upon which orders got forged through times. Magic spellcasting is not unknown either here for the initiated ones, although most people still obey the steel."
You can read the complete article (in Hungarian) on the website or here .

CsipetPage oldala

In 2008 Péter Csonka, the editor of web site made a very positive declaration about the book: he compared it with the artworks of the most renown authors of the world. The web site is already inactive, but the web archive stores the mentioned entry. We quote from it:

"Robert Locksmith created such an unparalelled fantasy world that it is hard to find a match for it; perhaps only Erikson's fantasy world may compete with it regarding elaborateness and background story, however this is a basic requirement in such a tale! The book's plot is animated, its characters are, according to me, much more diverse and worked out than that of many other similar books!"


In the July of 2007 the Pannon Televísion made an interview with the author. During the report cut-ins (inserts) appear from among the animations of the book's former web page. Robert gives interesting answers to the questions of Márta Fehér, the reporter, and for her special request he even reads a short part from the Prologue, which can be heard at the beginning of the interview. The video is subtitled in English:

Later the author made a comment regarding the interview that he did not have an actual answer to that unexpected question that why he did write The Crown of Dominion. In Robert's writer blog we may find an entry (in Hungarian) about this why.

On our web site's last page, namely in the menu point titled Contact you may discover the readers' opinion about the book, write a public entry in our guestbook, and send us a private message.

Robert Locksmith